Nutritional Consulting

Nutrition is a field that is ever changing.  We can fall for every “quick fix” remedy on the market if we are not careful. Inspired Chiropractic has a guidance approach to educating. Dr. Medina will give you the resources to be successful in food choices, diet and supplementation.

Inspired Chiropractic approaches the Lifestyle of Nutrition and Wellness in a very relaxed manner. We start slow and build on your knowledge. 

There is a mass amount of information out there on what is good, healthy and right. It can be overwhelming and frustrating knowing what change needs to happen for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Nutritional Counseling 

One Hour Nutritional Appointment – $125.00

This appointment will include a thorough Metagenics Health Status Evaluation. This six page comprehensive study, determines where your body is  being challenged.  You will be well-informed and excited about your new journey toward health!

How does Chiropractic and Nutrition work together?

Chiropractic involves treating the person as a whole by assisting the body to heal naturally. It has long been known that healthy, nutritious diets coupled with rest, exercise and spinal adjustments are an integral part of preventative health care.

In order to function to its optimum capacity, the body needs to absorb essential nutrients such as proteins, good fats, essential vitamins and minerals. Healthy digestion, proper absorbtion of nutrients, metabolizing and excreting waste properly will lead to facilitation of homeostasis. This concept refers to the body’s ability to regulate its inner environment to ensure stability as it responds to changes in the external environment. Poor diets that include foods rich in processed foods, sugars and bad fats can contribute to health issues such as autoimmune conditions, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

While chiropractors encourage natural, drug-free treatments; their focus remains on the body’s ability to heal itself. We will take into considerations such as diet, exercise, rest and hereditary potential.

The Importance of Nutritional Supplements

Most people eat a poor diet. Studies show that the average diet in the U.S. consists of too much fat, too much sugar, not enough fiber, and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. We are eating plenty of calories, but they are often “empty” calories, meaning that they have very low levels of the essential vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy. Since the majority of meals in the U.S. are currently eaten in restaurants or “on the run” it makes good sense to take a vitamin supplement to fill in the gaps in our diet. While it is important to remember the value of a nutritional supplement in maintaining health, we should never think that taking a supplement replaces a good diet. In other words, the first and most important step is to improve the quality of the diet, and then take a supplement as a nutritional insurance policy.

Ordering Nutritional Products

If you would like to order nutritional products, please visit our online
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Please speak with me prior to ordering any new products

We will consider a patient’s medical history, past injuries, present symptoms, and postural analysis and conduct a Health Status Evaluation. This thorough evaluation will determine which major system in the body is suffering and how it determines and affects the other vital bodily functions.  All systems essentially work together to create “quality of life”.

Stressful environments, a lack of essential nutrients in our soil and foods contribute to the daily demand for additional support to aid the body. True prevention comes from a healthy environment within a healthy body.  When the “conditions are just right” you create a perfect storm for disaster, or if the “conditions are just right” you create health and vitality.